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I completely forgot what I did on Wednesday. I was probably getting up, having breakfast, hanging out in the lounge room, watching news on SBS1 and waiting for my flatmates to come home from work. When they came we cooked together and had lunch. I think we watched some movies and played Xbox for the rest of the day.

Today I went out to Rundle Mall to get some black dressy shoes again. This time I was successful though. Aaron came along and was looking for some shorts and flip flops. He tried lots of different pairs and I tried some as well since my thongs are falling apart somehow. But I fixed them with with a safety pin so they are still good.
We also went to Woolworth to get some groceries. I bought a glass of “Chocolate hazelnut spread“ which I like more than the German original Nutella. I also purchased a pack of bluberries which I used for a blueberry milkshake in the afternoon. I just realised how ridiculously immaterial this is. But since this column is about flat life you also have to read the boring every day occurrences I guess.

Nothing super exciting happened on friday. It was not even the 13th. No, I am not superstitious.
During the day we were just chatting and relaxing. I made some rice and tomato sauce with chick peas for dinner. Kim had a friend coming over who is studying and needed some help I guess. In the late evening I taught Kim, my chinese flat mate, how to roll the R. Well, its a long way to do so. You don’t really learn that on one day. She really surprised me when she said “Ich liebe Gummibärchen.“ Wow, that was so german. The pronunciation was just perfect. Even though it sounded as if a child said that which made it even more believable. As you can see as my memory comes back I am writing a little more every day. Thats because I did not take any notes every day and writing everything on Sunday afternoon.

On saturday Mark and I went to VideoEZ because Mark had a voucher to get seven movies for A$8. 30 meters before the shop Mark realized that he forgot the voucher so we went back to get it and back to VideoEZ again. We spend an hour in the shop until we had seven movies which were kinda old movies only. But when we got the movies we also got another voucher for three movies for 10 bucks.
In the afternoon Aaron and I played Frisbee in the backyard.
And at night we went out. It was Aarons going away party because this is his last weekend in Adelaide. We went to THE ELEPHANT, an english pub. Had a few pints and went on to the ELECTRIC LIGHTS, which is a bar with a huge beergarden area. Because It was cold they had these gas heater thingies which distributed a nice warm airflow.
When we sat in THE ELEPHANT I had a pint glass in front of me. I already drank half of it and was barely touching the glass. And then, all of a sudden, the glas cracked in two. A ring of glass on top of the jagged, broken bottom piece. I went to the bar and asked for a new glass. The guy behind the bar was about to pour the leftover beer into a new glass. Then I asked him, what if there is glass pieces in the glass? He lifted the glass to his eyes and said „I dont see any…. Uh, anyways I pour you a new one… What are you drinking?“ „Beck’s was my reply“ and a moment later I went with a full pint back to our table.
Yeh, it does not cost him anything to pour me a new pint and I personally wouldnt want a guest to swallow some sharp glass splinter just because I was to stingy with the beer.
That was the most exciting that happened this evening.
When we went to the ELECTRIC LIGHTS bar Aaron introduced me to some of my future colleagues. There were nice people and I am looking forward to work with them on tuesday.
We danced till whatever o’clock (I don’t really remember) and went home. When we arrived there I just went to bed. and slept till the sun woke me up. Or was it my flat mates preparing breakfast?
Whatever it was I feel very good and am having breakfast now too…

That was one week of flat life. Hope you liked it. If so please comment and share.

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