Flat Life

Since I’ve been writing no english article at all in the last couple of month, I feel at least a bit obliged to my international, non-german-speaking readers.
This one is about flat life. What we do when we are not at work or sleeping or out somewhere in Adelaide.

During the week Aaron and Kim are returning home at noon and we either cook or have a snack and do stuff on our computers and talk. When we are bored we watch a movie or play Xbox.


I got up at 9.30 this morning. The guy who installed the new shower came around ten

Meanwhile I’ve been playing Sonic Unleashed. for a while. Until Kim came home that is. In the afternoon Aaron played Skate2 while I was doing stuff on the computer.

In the evening Kim, Aaron and I cooked some stirr-fry chicken with veggies. As soon as we finished cooking and were ready to eat some friends from Hostel 109 dropped by and joined our company. Now I am writing the blog, Aaron is writing in a friends memory book and Mark is playing Fallout 3 on the Xbox. Kim is in her room, relaxing. She has been to the gym earlier this evening so she is allowed to rest for a while 🙂 Later on we want to watch another film.

Tomorow I have to go shopping and do my laundry. Other than that I want to go to the 2nd hand shop to look for a white shirt for work.

So, that’s pretty much everything I can tell you for now! We are gonna watch Babylon A.D. in a second.


Now it’s monday, I did my laundry in the morning and hung it outside on the line while the sun was shining.In the afternoon when I checked it it was hanging sopping wet and the sun shone again.

Since I read the weather forecast I think it’ll take a week or so for me to dry this clothes. That made me think of to maybe use the dryer in the bathroom since I need some clean underwear tomorrow.

Aaron, Linda, Pearl and me myself were to the 2nd hand shop today. But it was so small, so we didn’t find anything. After that we were in a few shops in the same place including a decoration shop and OfficeWorks.

Linda and Pearl printed some Pictures of us that we took in the shop. When we returned they dropped Aaron and me off at Coles so we went grocery shopping. Now we gonna have dinner with Linda, Flo, Pearl, Deepak, Alex, Xian Xu, Rachel The girls prepared prawns and cabbage, cauliflour, carrots and pork with green beans. Aaron and I contributed a summer salad with mangp dressing and coconut flakes topping. Flo and Deepak made an orange cake which we ate with cream, a spoon of blueberry jam and chocolate chips

After the dinner we watched “The Skeleton Key“, but I missed the end since I picked Gina up from work. She is doing the day shift and finishes at 12 am. When we drove back it startet to pour like never before. Even though it’s been just a few short showers it made us drive slow, very slow. We arrived the hostel safely and I went home to go to sleep


Today I got up very early so I could bid farewell to Linda and Flo who are travelling to Darwin now. I will see Linda in the beginning of November and Flo at the end of December again. I am already looking forward to do so.Both, Flo and I had a coffe to get awake. He wrote in my memory book and I playd on his guitar. Woah, that was a good feeling. To have a guitar in your hands after eight month of not playing. I had the pleasure just once in Australia when I was at Fabio and Aarons (not my current flatmate Aarons) Place in Cairns. Anyhow. After saying goodbye to Linda and Flo, Rachel Pearl and I went to the Library, a travel agency where Rachel got a WWOOF Membership and Book. After that we went to the shopping mall where Pearl printet some Photos off her SD card. Since we had to wait 10 minutes for the pictures to be developed, we went to the foodcourt and had lunch. Pearl had a Burger at Hungry Jacks (This is what they call Burger King over here) and Rachel and I shared a footlong pizza sub at subways. When we finished our food we fetched the pictures and went to priceline pharmacy. And after that to we went through the pedestrian precinct to Target because I needed some black dressy schoes for work on tuesday. But since I found only one pair which I did not like really much I gotta go to look somewhere else tomorrow.

The evening was kind of quiet. We just chatted and played Xbox, I wrote this article and went to bed early

I will add the rest of the week latest when the week is over.

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