Hello Sydney

He guys,

since yesterday I am here in Sydney and have visited the Opera House and the Sydney Tower so far.

As you can see on the last picture I got my hair cut. Nothing special, but it was cheap.
Paid $12 (6 €)

Well what else to write? I met two new guys in Sydney who arrived the same day as I did. We went out the last two nights and met two other people they knew from their journey through Tailand. Since I’ve seen their photos and heard their stories I am really keen to go there as well =)
Hope to make that happen some time. And I know at least one person who would come with me.

Ok, tell you more in a couple of days.


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  • Mr. Nils

    Heee Hauk(e)!

    Hope Sydney treats you well.The pictures are really gorgeous. Do you have also been inside the Opera House?
    Everytime I check for updates on your side Namiye ask if I envy you and your trips. No. I am just proud. Come back with good memories!. Till then N

  • admin

    @ Nils:
    Yes, Sydney treats me very well. I am having a great time and am doing so many things every day its just awsome. No, I’ve not been inside the Opera House but I would want to go there and have a look. Dunno whether you have to buy tickets for an opera show. But nevertheless am really keen to see the inside some day.

    @ Thosten:
    It’s kind of difficult to take a picture of a person in front and building which is like 500 metres in the background. And in the evening with low light the conditions are even worse. So you have to use the flash in order to brighten up the foreground and seek for a good setup to make the backround look not to blurry which makes it look like a post edited picture. I agree with you that it looks like a photoshopp montage, but I hereby also confirm that it was me, standing on Mrs. Macquaries Pt. when and where this picture was taken.

    so long,

    PS: Thanks for the comments and that you like the pictures

  • Annina

    Ohhh your photos are soooo amazing 🙂 I like the 2nd,the skyline at night, very much 🙂 the colors are great!!!
    thumps up and Keep it up 😀

  • reader

    He ho,

    all right in down under?
    lange nichts gehört oder gelesen.

    Mit den besten Grüßen und in freudiger Erwartung auf neue Berichte und Bilder


    • admin

      Jubb, all right, nur in meinem current hostel habe ich kein free wireless, therefore kann ich nichts schreiben oder hochladen. Kann immer nur zu Mcces gehen und da ins Internet. Hopefully die nächsten Tage gehts dann wieder weiter.
      Ausserdem verbringe ich viel Zeit am Strand weil das Wetter so gut ist, da kommt man kaum dazu rumzulaufen und Fotos zu machen.

      take care everyone,

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