Hello everybody!

after a week with cloudy and rainy weather in Sydney I finally flew to Brisbane in south of Queensland.
I actually flew to the Gold Coast airport and took the bus/train to Brisbane. You know what’s funny? I paid the same for getting from my hostel in Sydney to Sydney Airport as getting from Gold Coast airport to my hostel Brisbane. But in Sydney it was three stops by tram and in Brisbane it took 80 minutes by bus to get to Roobina plus a 90 minutes train ride from Robina to Brisbane central station. I paid $14 each.
The weather here is very nice and warm and the city is also a a good place to stay. I stay’d a week in the Brisbane Manor Hotel which was clean and a gorgeous spot, but the staff was very strict and old fashioned and the other people in the hostel were retired travellers or families with their kids. So it was not really fun to stay there. It was not that bad, but I decided to move to another hostel, called Brisbane’s Homestead, where I also met people I already knew from the stay in Brisbane.
Because none of the hostels has free internet access I was not able to write anything in the past couple of days (er.. weeks 🙂 Well, I could have gone to Mcces and upload some stuff, but its really pain in the arse because the connection is so weak and slow there. Nevertheless now I am sitting in a bar called The Alibi Room where I have a kind of fast internet connection and where I am finally able to write some words to my precious audience.
The weather here is really gorgeous and I spend a lot of time at the beach. There is a pool with palm trees and sand as well as grass areas where you can get tanned while reading a book or listening to music.
I hope you are all ok back home and have a good time even without me 🙂
And you hopefully have some nice and sunny days too.

If I am in the mood I will upload some pictures of my stay in Brisbane.


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  • Mr. Nils

    Hee Hauke,

    Brisbane sound also quite okke (for some day or weeks at least). If there is sunshine what can you ask for more! We had our first BBQ planned last weekend but the weather didnt liked us. Today we visited the Old Traford Football home of Manchester United. Was fun but again, the weather was poorly. Maybe we should come down for a sundowner. MFG N

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