It’s been a while …

… since I wrote my last entry here on my blog. But since I caught a cold and am feeling sick all day I did not feel like doing anything but resting.

Well there happened some in the time between my last post and now. I have been to Semaphore Beach which is approx. 25 km by bike. The beach was kind of dissapointing. There was seagrass almost everywhere and that might also be the reason why was is so quiet and there were no tourists in this place.
Tue, 17th of March we celebrated the Irish Holiday St. Patrick’s day. Even though I had nothing green to put on we were partying in an Irish Pub near the Hostel where there was live music, cheap and good food and Guinnes and Coopers o’course 🙂
Pictures are yet to come since I did not take any pictures myself (or none that would make it through the censorship ;)) Bottom line: I am still waiting myself for the pictures of my friends camera. (Elena, hurry up, gimme the photos)
The day after I got this sore throat along with painful swallowing which you get when a bad cold is introducing itself, whether you want it or not.
The next days it got even worse, I got the snuffles, head ache and I was exhausted just from doing the laundry.
That’s why I spent most time in my bed or on the couch, just to relax and rest while curing from this bad cold.
After three days the snuffles got better but I started coughing instead. Now, five days afer it all started I feel pretty good (considering the circumstances) Still coughing but not as exhausted as the other day.
I even helped pushing the .tw’s girls car to the shop because it broke and needs a fix.

Well, thats it so far. No I see malcom having trouble fixing the vacuum cleaner. I think I will give him hands with that…

Till then …

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