Hello Folks,

I am in a new hostel called GreenHouse Backpackers. Its a very big hostel in the middle of the city center. The location is awesome. You can walk everywhere in minutes. Even to Aldi it takes just 10 to 12 minutes.
Even though here are a lot of Germans in the hostel, in my room there are none but me. There is a guy from France, another one from New Zealand and another one from the US. So it’s very multi cultural. They are all very kind and we have a nice chat every time we meet.

The great thing about Melbourne is, that you can discover something new every day. All these wonderfull places and buildings. My most favourite place is the little restaurant at Fed. Square which has outside area down the bridge at the river side. It’s very nice there.
Right now (and the in the past couple of days) I am planning my trip to Sydney. I booked a flight on Wed, 15th of April and I am still trying to figure out which is the best hostel to stay in. There are lots at kings cross and they are all kind of cheap. So I am really having a hard time to choose one.

Well, before I start writing so much again I better stop and wish you hereby a happy easter and have some nice days!

Take care everybody!


PS: pictures available on my flickr sets – see link on the right.

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  • Mr. Nils

    He Hauke- good stuff.
    Is this a Aldi North (blue) or Aldi South (yellow)? And do they all have the same stuff like Kartoffelsalat and German Bockwurst? Enjoy da weekend and also happy Easter to you! Best regards,N

    • admin

      It’s Aldi South actually. I was not really paying attention to what kinds of German food they sell, but I remember that they had Wernesgrüner for German beer and Moser chocolate. The other stuff was mostly some sort of regional products. But I bet they do Kartoffelsalat as well as Bockwurst.
      Happy Easter.
      Take care.

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