Thank you …

… for all the nice and lovely words for my birthday. I really enjoyed the whole day and had a superb time in the evening with lots of my hostel mates. This is how I spend my birthday:

I got up at 10 am and had a shower and breakfast. Round noon I went to Coles (supermarket) to buy some groceries and after doing that I went out again to get some alcohol and ice for the party in the evening. I was searching for straws and a shaker as well as some fruits for garnishment and juices.
Ok, the juice and the fruits were easy to find, but the straws hid themselves in some aisle where canned food and other non related things were found.
All I got as a shaker was this plastic thing you can see on my flickr
photos. Well, it did the job and everybody liked the drinks I made with it. So why blame it?
After getting all ingredients we prepared ourselves to go to the beach (Henley Beach)
After a half an hour on the bus we reached a beautiful beach which was way better than Glenelg.
The water was shallow and not very deep.

Here are some photos of Henley Beach which I took with my mobile:


After swimming, a long walk at the beach and a nice sun bathe we went back to the hostel because I needed to prepare and arange all the things for my party.
We had barbecue with kangaroo steaks and potatoe salad. Later in the evening I made drinks for the guests and we had a chat at the balcony. It was still warm during the night and after the party I talked with back home; friends and family. I am very glad that the internet makes this possible! I think otherwise I wouldn’t even be here.

This was my birthday and I want to say thank you again to all of you who helped me having a great day! THANK YOU, xìe xie, danke, merci, gracias, tak, ขอบคุณครับ, grazie!

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