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Adelaide to Melbourne via Great Ocean Road

Now Aaron and I have planned to go to Melbourne for a while. We tried to get a relocation car and we tried to get a lift and had other plans in mind. A relocation car is one that a company wants to be in another city, say it is in Adelaide and it has to be in Melbourne.  So you can rent it to move it to the specified city. That’s often cheaper than renting from the usual car rental companies.

So the other day we were again looking for opportunities to get to Melbourne.  Surfing on Gumtree looking for lifts and almost gave up on finding something. And then we found these two German girls who were looking for a lift to Melbourne. I emailed them, they called back, we met up and then we rented a car together. That’s how we met.

On our last days in Adelaide we had a few farewell parties with friends and colleagues. Said good bye to everyone and enjoyed our last hours together.

On Monday we met the girls at Thrifty where we picked the car up and just started to drive out of town towards east. Adelaide has a huge rural area a lot of suburbs and you can see the whole city from the Adelaide Hills.  As we left the city the houses became less and less and got replaced by trees and meadows. After a while it was merely meadows and sand.

Our first stop after a couple of hours of driving was in a tiny town whose name I can’t remember. We bought some food and had lunch in a park. Then we moved on and our way lead us to a place where we found a giant crab. We stopped there for a toilet break and to take some photos of the crab.

After that we went to Kingston jetty where we only stopped for 1o Minutes in order to take a few pictures and then moved on to the South Australian border.  A few beaches later we found a nice place to stay over night. So we had dinner and assembled the tent on the grass. We were up till late and had a lot of fun.

The next morning we headed towards the Grampians national park. There we’ve seen waterfalls,  lakes, rocks and heaps of trees. Mountains and lookouts were on our list as well. So we spent the whole day in the NP and drove down to the coast  in the evening. We camped in Peterborough and got up very early in order to see the sun rise at the twelve apostles. It was quite cold but not as cold as the first time when I saw the sunrise at the same place 10 month ago.

After the sunrise we had breakfast in Port Campbell and it got a little warmer. Then we drove back to see the sights we missed on the way up because it was to late yesterday evening. Later in the morning we drove to Shelly Beach. We have seen a Koala on our way to the beach. It was sleeping in the tree.  They really sleep a lot. After we have spent some time in Lorne and Apollo Bay we started to look for a place to sleep.

We spent the third night near a light house in Anglesea. That was the time where I caught a cold. The next day we drove along the scenic view drive to Torquay and Geelong and reached Melbourne in the early afternoon.

The great Ocean Road is still a very nice place and I enjoyed it at  least as much as the first time I went there.

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