¿Entiendo Español?

I am appalled! Hardly anybody in Spain spoke English. The most I heard was “no entiendo”. (meaning I don’t understand) After I managed to speak some broken Español which I remembered from school they started babbling Spanish as fast as the renfe AVE (high speed train in Spain). I tried to pick some words. That plus my sense of direction was enough to find the way around and get everything one needed.

It was funny. First Alice tried to ask the people on the streets. I always stood aside watching them talk. She was talking with her hands and feet, mimicking the action she talked about. The Spaniard was helpful and explained everything but all in Spanish. That’s where I stepped in. “Perdón señor. ¿Donde esta el centro ciudad, por favor?” From his answer I picked: metro, linia rojo, numero uno, estacion catalunya. (Take the tube, the red line, number one to catalunya)

Another funny one  was when we were looking for a grocery store to get breakfast. We’ve seen a lady with two plastic bags filled with groceries, so Alice approached her and asked where the the next supermarket is. As she didn’t understand Alice started pointing at her plastic bags. The lady turned around looking on the floor searching for a meaning of what the young lady in front of her might mean. So I redeemed them and asked her briefly for “el próximo supermercato.” She pointed us in the opposite direction and told us to take the next street  left. At least I think she did. However, we found the supermercato and  bought our breakfast.

So if you go to Spain, learn Spanish. It’ll help!

Muchos saludos cordiales,

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