Hostel 109

Today I have my second day at Hostel 109. Its a very clean Hostel with 40 beds and a lot of nice people. Yesterday a guest celebrated her birthday and Malcolm bought Pizza for the whole Hostel. Nice!

Then we celebrated Vanessas birthday on the Hostels balcony with beer and wine and a cake. Afterwards we went out to a club in Adelaide.

Unfortunately I cant post any photos because I screwed my laptop up. Its not booting anymore. And not bad enough, the tech stores are closed on saturdays here in Adelaide. Or at least I did not find any open PC store. I tried to solve it myself but had no luck so far.

Tonight I am invited to a Samba-Carnival-Party at Lauro Louis App. Its because in Brazil the carnival is starting and hes brasilian and inviting all couch surfers here to his place. Thats GREAT! I am looking forward to be able to show you some photos next week. So stay tuned for more stuff in the coming days…

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